Hey. My name is Gina and I've been making comics since I was a little kid. The ones that I occupy my time with now are mostly autobiographical in nature, but I've played around with all kinds of forms and formats in the past. The general consensus among publishers I've submitted to seems to be that my writing is excellent, my artwork is terrible, and that I should try self-publishing. So here's this.

This site is back online for the first time in a few years, after having issues with a previous webhost and then accidentally letting the domain lapse.  The site is currently utilizing a previous design from circa 2008.

For my non-autobio comics and other stuff, please visit my other site, spongecake.org.

Hearts & Stars

Coming soonish to print.  Minicomics with essays and stories sprinkled in here and there.  Some of the material included is older stuff that has never been seen online before. Watch this space

Thesis Comics

I was the first writing major at my college to be permitted to draw comics as part of my undergraduate thesis in one extremely stressful semester.  I must have done something right, because my school has since begun offering graphic novel writing classes.

Hearts & Stars Archive

I used to refer to these as my emo comics, as the earliest ones were very annoying and mopey. I think that's diminshed somewhat, but you can be the judge of that.

I reserve the right to use pages that appear here in the print version when I need a page or two to fill out a volume. :P

Just My Size: A Brassiereography
Summer 07

Exactly what the title suggests: the trials and tribulations of wearing bras and body image and crap like that. This was featured in Knicker Draw, a supplement to The Girly Comic, but I'm not sure that it's available to buy outside the UK.